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A bilingual dictionary is a TSV file having two columns:

  1. the source term lemma,
  2. the target term lemma.

Example: FR-EN.txt


cajoler	baby
cajoler	blandish
cajoler	cajole
cajoler	coax
cajoler	cuddle
cajoler	make a fuss of
cajoler	wheedle
cajolerie	cajolery
cajolerie	cajoling
cajolerie	coaxing
cajolerie	cuddle
cajolerie	flattery
cajolerie	wheedling
cajoleries	cajolery
cajoleur	affectionate
cajoleur	coaxing
cajoleur	loving
cajoleur	wheedling
cajoleur	coaxer
cajoleur	wheedler
cajoleuse	coaxer
cajoleuse	wheedler
cajun	Cajun
cajun	Cajun
cake	cake
cake	fruit cake
cake	fruitcake
cake	plumcake
cake	sultana cake
cake aux raisins de Smyrne	sultana cake
cake-walk	cakewalk
cal	cal
cal	callus
calabrais	Calabrian
calabrais	Calabrian
calabraise	Calabrian


We have made some dictionaries available for downloads. These dictionaries are free of use, but consider using your own dictionary for better performances.

Bilingual dictionaries