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You need to install a 3rd-party Part-Of-Speech tagger and lemmatizer when you run TermSuite for extracting the terminology of a corpus.

There are currently two POS Taggers and lemmatizers supported by TermSuite:
* TreeTagger (recommended): supports fr, en, es, de, ru, da
* Mate: supports fr, en (better POS tagging performances but slower)

TreeTagger is a very fast POS tagger and lemmatizer having very acceptable performances on all TermSuite languages. Unfortunately, its license excludes commercial usage. As a consequence, TreeTagger cannot be included as a 3rd party dependency in TermSuite and needs to be install manually by end users.

Download and install TreeTagger to your OS following the official instructions.

The TreeTagger home directory contains tree subdirectories: bin, models, and lib. The TreeTagger executable program should be in the bin sub-directory. Note that the TreeTagger executable program is called tree-tagger on Linux and tree-tagger.exe on Windows.

The language model parameter files for should be in the models sub-directory. If the parameter files are in the lib subdirectory, please create a symbolic link named models to this directory as follows:

$ cd /path/to/tree-tagger-home-directory
$ ln -s lib models
Language Parameter File Encoding
English english.par utf-8
French french.par utf-8
Italian italian.par utf-8
Spanish spanish.par utf-8
German german.par utf-8
Russian russian.par utf-8
Danish danish.par utf-8

On Linux, you can check that TreeTagger is correctly installed by launching these two command lines:

$ cd tree-tagger-home-directory
$ ./bin/tree-tagger ./models/english.par

Exit the program by the keyboard short-cut Ctrl+D.

Option 2: Installing Mate models

Mate has slightly better POS tagging performances than TreeTagger in the context of terminology extraction but also has a few disadvantages:
* only three languages models are public en, de, and fr,
* parsing language models is very slow and results in a quite long and constant loading time for each run,
* tagging and lemmatizing raw text is also very slow compared to TreeTagger.

The main advantage of Mate is that it is embedded into TermSuite. You do not need to install it on your OS. You just need to download (or train) the required language models. See the official page for models of these three languages: en, de, and fr.

Mate requires two different for each languages. The parser+tagger model and the lemmatizer model.

The models must follow this patterns : (where xx is the two-letter language code)

Model File name pattern
parser+tagger mate-pos-xx.model
lemmatizer mate-lemma-xx.model